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Manchester Terrier Standard

Manchester Terrier Standard

Manchester Terrier Characteristics: The spirited and agile Manchester Terrier is a breed of small dog classified as a member of the Terrier Dog Group (AKC:1887).

The Manchester Terrier , is characterized by its elegant, compact appearance with a  long, flat and narrow wedge-shaped head and an interested, alert expression.

Other characteristics include small, black, almond shaped eyes; small, thin ears that can be erect or button type; a thick, short, tapering tail and a straight, even gait. The temperament of the Manchester Terrier can be described as Loyal, Active, Alert.

The coat type of the Manchester Terrier is described as smooth, short, dense coat in black, black & tan colors.  Due to its characteristics and qualities, the Manchester Terrier demonstrated the desired traits of a Watch dog and Hunting Dog and is known by its nick name the "Black and Tan Terrier". The origin of the Manchester Terrier dog breed was in United Kingdom where it was developed in the 1500's.

Manchester Terrier Breed Group and Dog Type - Terrier Dog Group (AKC:1887): The Manchester Terrier is one of the many breeds of dogs that belong to the Terrier Dog Group (AKC:1887).

Other names for the Manchester Terrier: The Manchester Terrier is known by the nickname of the "Black and Tan Terrier". Other names for this breed of dog include the and Black and Tan Manchester.

Origin of the name: The dog is named after the place it was originally bred in Manchester, a major city in the northwest of England. The origin of the word 'terrier' is derived from the Latin word 'terra' meaning "earth" as so many of the terrier breeds were originally bred and trained as small hunting dogs to catch mice and rats that abounded in the streets and houses of the city.

Manchester Terrier History and Origin: The country of origin of the handsome, sleek Manchester Terrier breed was in United Kingdom during the 1500's.

The ancestor of the Manchester Terrier breed is the now extinct  Black and Tan Terrier that was described in the Encyclopedia of Dogs by Dr. Caius in 1570 as a small black and tan coloured, terrier type dog, that worked as a ratter during the Tudor period. The placement and brilliant contrast of the tan markings against the black face of the Manchester Terrier were great assets to the dog's work as a ratter.

A cornered rat always goes for the eyes of its attacker in order to disable it. The bright tan spots seen around the eyes of the Manchester Terrier confused the rat who leapt at the tan markings, rather than the eyes and missed its intended target. The Manchester Terrier worked as a ratter in the houses, inns, ports and coal mines in Northern England to keep the level of vermin down.

Due to the prowess of the Manchester Terrier as a rat catcher it was also used in the blood sport of Rat-baiting (refer to the History of the Rat Terrier). By the end of the 1800's, there were two sizes of Manchester Terrier in England that were recognized as two distinct breeds - the Manchester Terrier and the  English Toy Terrier. In America the Manchester Terrier is referred to as the "Standard Manchester Terrier".

The Manchester Terrier (Standard) was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1887. The famous novelist Agatha Christie owned a Manchester Terrier called "Bingo" who was her inspiration for a Manchester Terrier called 'Hannibal' in her mystery novel the 'Postern of Fate'.

Manchester Terrier Modern History: The modern history of the Manchester Terrier moved on and the breed is now enjoyed as a family lively pet which, although still ruthless with vermin, it is gentle with its owners.

Manchester Terrier Height: The Manchester Terrier breed is classified as a small sized dog. The height to the shoulder of a male dog is 15 - 16 inches (39 - 40 cm). The height to the shoulder of a female dog is slightly less.

Manchester Terrier Weight: The weight of this small sized dog, in a male dog is 17 - 18 pounds (7.7 - 8 kg). The weight of the smaller female dog is slightly less than the male.

Manchester Terrier Coat Type - LOW shedding coat: The Manchester Terrier coat type is described as a smooth, sleek, short, dense coat.

Manchester Terrier Coat Colors: The colors of this dog breed include black, black & tan colors.

Manchester Terrier Grooming - LOW Grooming Needs: The grooming requirements of the Manchester Terrier is fairly minimal, one grooming session per week is generally enough to maintain a healthy coat and reduce the risk of skin infections. Casual brushing is all that's generally required although more intense grooming and brushing is required during the shedding period, in order to remove dead hairs. Manchester Terriers enjoy self grooming to keep themselves clean.

Grooming Requirements should include bathing the dog on a monthly basis and making regular inspections of the nails, teeth, eyes and ears.

Manchester Terrier Litter Size: The litter size of this dog breed ranges from 2-4 puppies. Manchester Terrier puppies for sale can be obtained reputable breeders and from rescue centers. The cost of Manchester Terrier puppies varies depending on location, pedigree history and the dog breeder.

Manchester Terrier Temperament and personality: The temperament and personality of this popular dog breed is described as Spirited, Loyal, Active, Alert and Agile.

Manchester Terrier Exercise Requirements - LOW Exercise Requirements: The exercise requirements of this breed of dog is low. Manchester Terriers require regular daily exercise consisting of approximately 30 minutes to one hour every day. This small dog has a flowing, elegant gait with small strides and only requires a fairly slow speed by the owner to meet the dogs exercise requirements. Remember that it would take a lot of extra steps by your dog to keep up with your normal walking pace.

Manchester Terrier Diet: Fully grown Manchester Terriers should be fed twice a day. A diet consisting of a premium dog food should be balanced with fresh food eaten by the family.

Meat should be thoroughly cooked and de-boned, mixed with soft fruits and vegetables such as peas, carrots, peas, diced cooked potatoes, yams and rice. Home cooked food can be supplemented with dry kibble (a ground meal shaped into pellets, especially for pet food).

Manchester Terrier Health Problems: Potential health problems of the Manchester Terrier breed include Lens Luxation, Epilepsy . Resolving health problems can prove to be expensive and it is always wise to obtain pet insurance or dog health insurance when buying a dog. Is the Manchester Terrier dog breed said to be Hypoallergenic? Answer: No.

Manchester Terrier Lifespan: The life expectancy of dogs vary according to the size, breed of dog and any serious health problems. The typical lifespan of the Manchester Terriers breed is 14-16 years.

Manchester Terrier Male Dog Names: Male Dog names are most often chosen to reflect favorite names of the owner or the strength, size, coloring and country of origin of the Manchester Terriers breed. To give you some inspiration regarding good male names for Manchester Terriers our small selection might be of help with naming boy dogs. Out top male dog names are: Basil *** Ben *** Tripp *** Chad *** Damian *** Elmo *** Nipper *** Crash *** Hector *** Metro *** Raj.

Manchester Terrier Female Dog Names: Female Dog names tend to be softer, prettier and reflect the temperament of the girl dog. Our top choice of good female names for Manchester Terriers are Nellie *** Pandora *** Sally *** Vesta *** Hera *** Sweetie *** Shelley *** Joanie *** Patti *** Jazzy.

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